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Past Documents and maps

To explain how we have developed our proposals, we have prepared a number of documents and maps.

Here you can find all of the documents for our first and second stages of consultation, which will help you see how our proposals have evolved.

All documents can be downloaded and where relevant we've included high and low resolution options. If you have any problems downloading the documents, please give us a call.

June/July updates, Summer 2016

Community update, Spring 2016

Project documents

Stage Two Consultation, October 2015

Consultation documents

Stage Two Consultation Strategy, October 2015 - provides information on how we are consulting with local communities and other stakeholders for this stage of consultation.

Overview, October 2015 - provides an overview of the project, the options we've looked at and the route options for the new connection.

Questions and Answers, October 2015 - provides answers to some of the questions you might have about this latest stage of the project.

Project News, Autumn 2015 - this introduces the consultation and contains a large fold out map that shows all of route options.

Project documents

Wylfa-Pentir Preferred Route Corridor Selection Report, October 2015 - provides more information about how we made our route corridor decision

Appendix A 

Appendix B

Wylfa-Pentir Route Options Report, October 2015 - explains how we have identified the route options for the new connection

 Wylfa-Pentir Route Options Report, with appendices, October 2015 (27MB)

Need Case, January 2015 - explains why the North Wales Connection project and the work we have to carry out is needed

Strategic Options Report, January 2015 - explains more about the connection options we've looked at. You can also find out more about why we haven't chosen a subsea option and how feedback has helped influence our work

Feedback Report, June 2014 - provides a summary of all the themes you raised during our first consultation and our responses

Feedback Report, June 2014 - Appendix

Project maps

Other useful documents

The challenge of a subsea connection film, October 2015 explains the challenges of a subsea connection and why, after careful consideration, we're not taking this option forward

Information Booklet, January 2015 - explains how we looked at all of the options and made our route corridor decision

Agricultural and Farming Frequently Asked Questions- answers to common questions we are asked about farming, agriculture and how we work with landowners

A study into the effect of National Grid major infrastructure projects on socio-economic factors - an independent study to look at any effects our work has had on local businesses in the areas where we've built a new connection

Electric and Magnetic Fields - The Facts - provides more information about Electric and Magnetic Fields

National Grid and the electricity industry - our role in the electricity and how we operate the electricity network in Wales and England

Our approach to the design and routeing of new electricity transmission lines - sets out how we identify the most appropriate location and technology for any new electricity transmission route

Our transmission infrastructure and its effect on local people, communities and the local economy - provdies information about how we consider local people and communities when developing new infrastructure projects

Overhead line construction/refurbishment - information on how we construct and refurbish overhead lines

The Holford Rules- guidelines we follow for the routeing of new high voltage overhead lines

The Horlock Rules - guidelines we follow for the siting of new substations

Undergrounding high voltage electricity transmission lines - the technical issues - information on the technical issues associatwed with underground high voltage transmission lines

Community update, Summer 2015

Project documents

Community update, Spring 2015

Project documents

Route corridor announcement, January 2015

Project documents

Summary of Key Project Changes and Updates: Explains the key changes that have occurred since October 2012 which have required a review of the selection of our preferred strategic option and that are now reflected in the January 2015 version of the Strategic Options Report.   

National Grid North Wales Connection Project News - January 2015

Information Booklet, January 2015explains how we looked at all of the options and made our route corridor decision

Project News, Spring 2013

Project documents

Stage One Consultation, October 2012

Consultation documents

Project News, Autumn 2012: Introduces the project and first stage of consultation

FAQ autumn 2012Answers to frequently asked questions

Project documents

Wylfa-Pentir Initial Route Corridor Report: Examines and identifies the preliminary potential overhead route corridors between Wylfa and Pentir.

West Gwynedd Substation Siting Study: Examines and identifies suitable site options for a substation in West Gwynedd.

Glaslyn Estuary Route Corridor ReportExamines our preliminary preference for an underground connection, and identifies a proposed route corridor and potential route alignment at the Glaslyn Estuary. 

Need case 2012 - explains why the North Wales Connection project and the work we have to carry out is needed. An updated version of this document was published in 2015.

Strategic Optioneering Report 2012 - explains more about the connection options we've looked at. An updated version of this document was published in 2015.

Project maps

Proposed Orange corridor between Wylfa and Pentirthis map shows the Orange corridor that we are proposing to make the new connection in

Proposed route corridors between Wylfa and Pentir: these maps show the four coloured routes and five potential Menai Strait crossing options to Pentir we consulted on

Proposed substation site options near Bryncir: this map shows the three potential substation site options we consulted on

Proposed route corridor and potential route alignment at the Glaslyn Estuary: this map highlights the proposed route corridor, and potential route alignment (the path the cables could take)


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