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Our work in North Wales

The North Wales Connection Project is about connecting new low carbon energy in North Wales to the electricity network. Wales and the rest of the UK needs new secure and reliable energy supplies while at the same time tackling climate change. This means a large investment in new low carbon power sources.

For our work in North Wales, we are connecting a significant amount of new low carbon power:

  • Wylfa Newydd: a project to build a new 2.8GW nuclear power station at Wylfa, Anglesey
  • Greenwire: a 1GW wind farm located in the Irish Midlands, which will connect into the mainland near Pentir
  • Codling Park: a 1GW offshore wind farm off the east coast of Ireland, which will connect into the mainland near Pentir 

New energy sources in North Wales  

In North Wales, Horizon Nuclear Power is planning to build a new nuclear power station, Wylfa Newydd. The new station will generate 2.8GW of electricity – that’s enough to power five million homes with low carbon electricity.  

Isle of Anglesey County Council’s Energy Island programme is planning to capitalise on this and other investments in energy by putting Anglesey at the forefront of low carbon energy development.  

The council estimates that the programme could contribute £12 billion to the Anglesey and North Wales economy over the next 15 years. This could bring major economic, social and environmental gains for all of Anglesey and the wider North Wales region.  

All this new energy needs connecting to the national electricity network so it can get from where it’s generated to the communities and businesses that use it.  

That’s where National Grid comes in – it’s our job to provide the connection. This puts us at the heart of facilitating the low carbon energy and the investment it creates for North Wales and beyond.

Our role and the need for a second connection 

There is an existing overhead line across Anglesey, from Wylfa to Pentir, but on its own it can’t securely carry the volume of electricity Wylfa Newydd will generate. To create a secure and reliable connection for the power station we need two lines – the existing line and a second connection. 

To read more about why our work is needed read our Need Case here


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