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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Wylfa Newydd connection proposals accepted for examination


  • National Grid’s application for new connection accepted by Planning Inspectorate 
  • Important step in unlocking investment Wylfa Newydd will bring 
  • Proposals will now be assessed and local people can take part 

National Grid’s plans for a new connection for Wylfa Newydd have been accepted by the Planning Inspectorate for examination. 

It means the proposals for a new line of pylons with a tunnel at the Menai Strait will now be reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate to decide if they should be given the go ahead.

Gareth Williams, Senior Project Manager, said:

“This is a further important step in seeking consent for our proposals and helping to unlock the many millions of pounds of local investment and jobs that the power station will create.

“We’ve worked hard to develop our proposals in a way that we think means there will be no long term effects on most areas of Anglesey and North Gwynedd. 

“Both councils agree that we’ve carried out consultation as we set out in our plans that they helped shape and approve.

“We’ve received thousands of pieces of feedback, all of which have been considered and we’ve done what we can to take people’s comments on board. 

“Hundreds of decisions and changes big and small have been made in response to what people have said. Decisions such as keeping the new line close to the existing line, routeing away from larger towns and villages and putting the connection in a tunnel at the Menai Strait have all been taken to keep effects as low as we can.  We’ve also made many changes in response to land owner feedback.

“However, any infrastructure project will create effects and it’s important now that our proposals are given a thorough and independent review.

“If local communities have information they want to be considered as part of this review, they need to send this to Planning Inspectorate and take part in the next steps of the planning process.”

The Planning Inspectorate is the body responsible for reviewing applications for major infrastructure projects, like National Grid’s.  They will assess the proposals and make a recommendation on whether they should be given consent.  The UK Government’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will make the final decision on whether to give the project the go ahead.

There is the opportunity for people to take part in the process and give feedback directly to the Planning Inspectorate to consider alongside National Grid’s application documents. They will also hold a series of hearings in the local area that people can attend and participate in. 

To be involved in the process people will need to register and provide information to the Planning Inspectorate.

More information and details of what happens next is on the Planning Inspectorate’s website:

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