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Thursday, July 07, 2016

National Grid chooses route for new connection


  • Route chosen from Wylfa to east of Llangefni 
  • Routeis close to the existing line to help reduce visual effects on communities and the landscape 
  • Feedback report from autumn 2015 consultation also published 

National Grid has chosen a route for the Wylfa to east of Llangefni section of its proposed connection that it believes will have the least overall effect on Anglesey.

In autumn 2015 National Grid proposed a number of route options for the new connection for Wylfa Newydd and held a consultation to ask for comments. 

It recently refined options at the Menai Strait and has now chosen a route for the rest of its connection – from Wylfa to east of Llangefni – ruling out other options in these areas. The chosen route broadly follows the existing overhead line on Anglesey. National Grid believes this is the best option to reduce effects on communities and the landscape across the island, while balancing its duties to be economic and efficient. 

Gareth Williams, Senior Project Manager, said: 

“In our last consultation, people said we should consider communities and properties, the landscape, tourism and other important factors.  

“People also said that if the connection had to be overhead, they felt it should be close to the existing line to keep effects of the two lines close together. This feedback has helped us chose a route that has the least overall effect of the options we considered. 

“This update provides certainty on which of the previous route options we have ruled out and the route we are progressing with. We know people living close to the chosen route may have concerns.  We’ll continue talking to them to get their comments as we develop our proposals to keep any effects of our work as low as we can for local people and the environment.” 

Mr Williams continued: “Many people have told us they want the whole connection underground.  We have considered this, but underground connections can create more construction disruption and are more expensive when compared to overhead lines. This is important as, in addition to responding to local feedback, we also have a duty to the environment and to provide a cost effective connection for bill payers.  Balancing these requirements can be challenging, but we’re working hard to make sure our proposals achieve the best overall balance.” 

National Grid will now develop a detailed design for the connection along the chosen route, finalising proposals for where the line could be overhead and underground. It will also continue to refine its plans to cross the Menai Strait, including which of the route options in this area will be taken forward. 

A further consultation will take place later this year on the design so people can see what the connection could look like and have their say on the proposals. 

National Grid has also published a feedback report from its last consultation.  The feedback report provides details of all of the themes raised and National Grid’s response on how it is considering them. 

Mr Williams added: “The feedback report is an opportunity for everyone to see all of the issues and points people have told us are important and how we’re taking these into account.” 

Copies of the feedback report are available online and in libraries across Anglesey and Gwynedd.  

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