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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

National Grid announces further plans for underground connection at the Menai Strait

  • Overhead line routes ruled out near Llanddaniel Fab, Gaerwen and Bangor 
  • Crossing options announced around the Menai Strait 
  • Up to 5km of cable to go underground 
  • More information on crossing technology 

Following a public consultation at the end of 2015, National Grid has announced more details on its work to put the connection for Wylfa Newydd underground at the Menai Strait.  Some of the strong themes from the public have been taken on board and have helped shape the plans announced today.

  • An overhead route near Llanddaniel Fab, Gaerwen and Bangor has been ruled out. People’s feedback and the results of studies that looked at ecology, communities, cultural heritage and the landscape and views suggested that other route options could keep effects lower.

National Grid is also no longer looking at sites for sealing end compounds – where overhead and underground cables join – in the south search area on Anglesey or north search area in Gwynedd. And it has reduced its remaining search areas to keep further away from the coast. 

  • It has also found four possible crossing options at the Strait that meet its engineering needs and avoids sensitive features like historically important sites. 

Based on these latest proposals up to 5km of the new line could go underground helping to preserve the valued and protected Menai Strait coastal area.

Gareth Williams, Senior Project Manager at National Grid said: “We know how important this area is to people both as a valued landscape and tourist destination so we’ve provided an update as soon as we can. 

“Our own assessments and feedback from communities and specialists showed just how important this area is. This has really helped to influence our work here and we’ve looked carefully at finding the best way of putting the connection underground.” 

Technical considerations will now help National Grid to refine its proposals further and more detailed information will be presented as part of a consultation later this year. 

Gareth Williams continued: “Crossing the Menai Strait is a complex engineering challenge – we’re confident we can do it but it is continuing to take a lot of work and careful planning.   

“We’ve still got more to do and are carrying out studies. These will help us to establish the technology we use and exactly where we propose to route the underground cables. Our next consultation will give people the chance to see how and where we’d make the connection and what our equipment could look like. So we’re keen for as many people as possible to get involved and have their say.”

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