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Monday, December 12, 2016

One week to go - why should I take part?

by Gareth Williams, senior project manager
Many of you have asked us why you should take part and if your comments matter. 
Put simply, taking part in consultation is your chance to tell us what’s important to you and your comments are really important to us. Your feedback is valuable because it helps shape how our proposals and reduce effects further. It’s influenced our proposals at every stage of this project so far and will continue to do so.
Every piece of feedback we receive is recorded, read and considered by our team. You can read about the influence this feedback has already had on our work in our Overview document.
We want to keep the effects of our work on local communities as low as we can and there’s still time for us to make changes to our proposals. That’s why it’s vital that, if you think we should change something, you tell us what we should change and why. The more information you give us, the better so that we can see if there are things we can do to improve our proposals for you and your community.
We’ve already had some really useful and informative feedback. But don’t worry if you haven’t already responded. Our consultation is open until 16 December so you’ve still got time to give us your comments. You can fill out an online feedback form here or call our community relations team on 0800 990 3567 and we’ll post a form to you.
We aren’t likely to consult on the whole second connection again so I really would encourage anyone who hasn’t taken part to take the opportunity to have their say on our work. Your comments could influence what the final connection looks like

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