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About us

We own and operate the national transmission system in Wales and England – the network of pylons and cables that carry electricity.

We have a critical role to play in making sure that electricity gets from where it’s generated to where it’s needed. That can be to people’s homes, for light, warmth and powering the appliances or it can be to businesses, driving the UK’s economy.

This role puts us at the heart of tackling the UK’s energy challenge: meeting climate change targets by replace ageing power stations with a new wave of low carbon power and connecting it into the electricity network. 

We’re helping to create a secure and reliable electricity network through projects around the UK.  You can see all the work we’re doing here:

You can find out more about our role and the energy challenge by watching this video:

We’ve also published an Energy Challenge factsheet that provides more information.

Our community

Education and Careers

Keeping the lights on and the power flowing to homes and industry is an essential part of keeping Britain and our economy going. We sit at the heart of this – managing the thousands of miles of connections that link up the nation’s power stations to cities, towns and villages.

We employ thousands of people across Wales and England to meet this challenge. To achieve this long into the future, we want to inspire today’s young people to become tomorrow’s engineers.

Through school visits, our apprentice programme and educational resources we’re enabling thousands of young people to realise their potential in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers that will benefit them, their communities, our economy and all of society.

Find out more:

We’re always looking for talented and innovative individuals to join our team. Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, you’re a graduate or have already started your career you can see if there’s a role that suits your background and experience. Find out more at:

In North Wales

We’re carrying out a range of activities with community groups throughout the area. Whether it’s inspiring the next generation, or highlighting business opportunities, we want to help local people understand our role in the energy system.

Find out all about our latest activities in North Wales here.

If you live in North Wales and are interested in a career with National Grid

please email on

Business and Suppliers

At National Grid, we want to work with companies that share our values. That means a passionate approach to their work, delivery a high quality service economically and efficiently. We work with hundreds of companies around the UK who supply goods and services that drive our projects forward.

If you’re interested in working with National Grid, please email on:


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